This intensive program will teach you the basics of front and back end coding for website and app development. You will be trained in the top coding languages used by the best full stack developers in the technology sector. Take the first steps towards an exciting career as a full stack developer.


Enter the job market with a coding certification that's hot!

Designed with evening and weekend classes you can take 100% online


We have instructors with PhD's to help you master your full stack skills


No problem. You just need a high school diploma or  equivalent to enroll



To become an entry-level full stack developer


Looking to learn the top coding skills? Sign up and we'll take it from there.

HTML | CSS JavaScript | jQuery | | React | Python | Flask | Django

Full Stack Development Immersive

Go with an accredited university

In contrast to most "coding bootcamps", we are proud to be nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools and California State approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, which ensures the investment you are making in your education is of top quality.

We always strive to improve our level of education, security, and service. Accreditation ensures that a process of continuous monitoring and improvement is in place so that your experience as a student is kept to the highest standards.

Don't risk it, go with an established university that is serious about providing you the best education and training so that you can meet your professional goals.

How to enroll in the Full Stack program


Gather and submit all documents required for admissions. Once approved, submit your first payment. Get your student portal login information and wait for your first class session.


Access your online course materials. Connect online via live videoconferencing with your professor and classmates. Time to get smart and start learning. 


Click the 'Contact Us' button on this page and complete the form. An admissions representative will contact you.  They will provide any information you may need as well as instructions on to how to register.

We have a limited number of spots for the next enrollment deadline, so please contact us as soon as possible to learn more about the program. You will receive a phone call from one of our representatives to go over the admissions and enrollment requirements as well as answer any questions you may have.


Next course begins November 23, 2020

Limited Spots 

"I would describe my experience as a guided crash course into the world of web development. I feel that the course provided me with enough familiarity to allow me to be able to go about learning almost any topic web development-related."

Alex Peloquin, Graduate

How would you describe your experience at SDGKU?

"Yes, I feel much more prepared for programming positions and am able to understand methodologies and programming languages that I never did in the past. I am also able to effectively use those skills I learned in my personal projects"

Ben Castillo, Graduate

Do you feel like you accomplished your educational goals at SDGKU?

"After graduating from SDGKU, I now have the knowledge and confidence to build websites, API's, and web applications. This knowledge has already proved extremely helpful in my business and will pay dividends as I continue to build on the knowledge I gained at SDGKU."

Doug Closter, Graduate

Please write anything you would like to say about your experience at SDGKU?

"I highly recommend SDGKU. The online format of the FSDI course was perfect for my busy schedule as both a new father and start-up business owner. The instructors were always eager to provide extra instruction when I needed it."

Reggie Badua, Graduate

Would you recommend SDGKU to your friends and family?

COVID-19 Update 

San Diego Global Knowledge University courses and programs will continue to be offered as scheduled during this difficult national and international emergency produced by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We ask you and your immediate friends and family to adhere to the recommendations given by public health officials and community leaders so as to minimize the risk of infection. San Diego Global Knowledge University was created as an online distance education institution of higher learning which makes us uniquely equipped to deal with the effects of global disruptions such as this one. 

Studying from home has never made more sense and we are here to assist you in acquiring the knowledge and skills so that you can be successful in the digital economy.

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